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A shippable, airport checkable and virtually uncrushable case that fits 1-4 mirrorless, DSLR or cine cameras and 9-12 lenses. This size is also a great fit for lighting kits, or to split the interior between a full camera system and lighting gear. Tenba's patented Air Case construction provides the protection of a hard case at a fraction of the weight.
Camera Gear Capacity – 1-4 Mirrorless, DSLR or Cine cameras and 9-12 lenses. Also fits small to medium size lighting systems.
Hard Case Safety – Air Cases provide the strength and rigidity of a hard case at a fraction of the weight. They are strong enough to withstand more than 400 pounds (180 kg) stacked on top, yet they weigh up to 35% less than a typical plastic hard case.
Impact Protection – Patented layered construction absorbs and disperses impact better than the single-layer wall of an injection molded hard case.
Trolley Strap – Rear strap slides over the extending handle of a rolling case for quick and secure piggyback travel.
Versatile Divider System – Reinforced, adjustable dividers to customize layout. Gray dividers are flexible and blue dividers are rigid for additional support.

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