NiSi V7 Filters Starter Kit
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Key Features
For Beginning Landscapes and Seascapes
V7 100mm Filter Holder
True Color Circular Polarizing Filter
1x 100 x 100mm ND Filter
1x 100 x 150mm Graduated ND Filter
Compatible with Wide Angle Lenses
67mm, 72, 77mm, and 82mm Adapter Rings
Air Blower, Dust Brush, & Cleaning Cloth
82mm Lens Cap
Caddy Filter Pouch
This 100mm V7 Starter Kit from NiSi features the V7 100mm Filter Holder, with a capacity of up to three 100mm-wide, 2mm-thick rectangular filters. It includes a true color Circular Polarizing Filter, which is designed to reduce glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces, increase saturation and vibrancy in the sky and foliage while ensuring true color reproduction is at its best by eliminating the warming effect that many polarizers may create.

This kit contains a neutral density filter, a medium-edge graduated neutral density filter, which can be used individually or together for greater control over shutter speed and aperture settings. Separately available additional filters can be added when desired.

This kit includes adapter rings making it compatible with most lenses, additional adapter rings are available separately. When working with lenses as wide a full-frame equivalent 16mm, the slim aluminum frame of the V7 will not vignette. In addition, an air blower, dust brush, and microfiber cleaning cloth help to keep the filters clean, in studio or on location. The included Caddy Filter Pouch stores the complete kit for storage or transport.

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