NiSi 72mm SMC UV Filter
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Limitations: The effect of vignetting on lenses is greatly appreciated there
Coating on the filter is multi-sided
High quality optical glass for high transmittance and extremely smooth surface
Protect the lens from dust and damage cut by the front element
Easy to clean
NiSi MC UV Series Superior Japanese Patents Special double and multi-coating technology, adopts high-quality optical optical glass, which ensures high transmittance, ultra-smooth surface and avoids unnecessary reflection. Meanwhile, the frame using high quality aluminum frame (only 5.2mm thick), is the thinnest in the world so far. In addition, the ultra-fine dull polishing and elaborate knurling ensure that the frame will not whiten due to frequent cycling; These advanced filters help avoid vignetting on lenses that are unusually south. All materials used in this filter comply with the requirements of European Union Environmental Protection Standards - ROHS (distinctive Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and do not contain anything hazardous. Moreover, the screw thread in front of the frame makes it easy to install the lens hood and other accessories.

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